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Marketing Local Products to a Global Audience: Marketing Ideas

5 Design Ideas that will make your custom badges stand apart

Posted by on Apr 15, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 5 Design Ideas that will make your custom badges stand apart

Many organizations have taken up custom badges to market their brands at events like trade shows, sports competitions, conferences and other professional gatherings. Simple laminates with attendees’ names are now a thing of the past, and designs are getting bolder. If you’re looking to make custom badges for any particular event, the following are important ideas to bear in mind so as to achieve the desired effect. It starts with branding  The most important point to remember is that you want your brand to be recognized instantly and from a distance. This means that the badge design should follow in the footsteps of your corporate branding, including logo, corporate colours and images among others. Remember that you have limited space to make an impression. Using non-textual communicators like brand colours can help with this. Introduce colour coding to distinguish ranks Instead of including textual information about an attendee’s access levels/identity title, try colour coding the badges in order to distinguish one from another. For instance, you can use typeface/background colours to distinguish VIP guests, senior staff, junior staff, attendees, vendors etc. Those in charge of security and logistics will instantly know by looking at the badge who is allowed to go where, and this makes for easier coordination throughout the event. Name details go front and centre The reason behind most events is to allow people to meet and socialize with one another, as well as learn about new products. To facilitate this, attendees’ names should be put in bold typeface right at the front. Any other information should be worked into the remaining space: social signals, company name and logo, sponsorships, schedules etc. If there is insufficient room, consider dispensing with non-essential information – you can use colour and images to distinguish a brand while allowing room for vital information to be printed. Security codes can do more than just one thing You can use RFID chips, QR codes and NFC features for more than just security today. Use these unique markers on your badge to improve social connectivity between attendees and hence increase brand awareness on social platforms. For example QR codes embedded into custom badges can direct event attendees to videos about the organization or products when scanned on their phones. These simple add-ons can help you communicate more to your attendees without affecting the design of your badge. Utilize hashtags to create a buzz Events are an opportunity for socialization, which extends beyond one-on-one interaction to online relationships after the event. Therefore, way before the event, you can set up a hashtag to raise awareness and buss around the event. Include the hashtag and social profile details somewhere on the custom badge if space allows, and encourage attendees to post their real-time experiences of the event online in various social...

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How to Choose a Live Answering Service

Posted by on Sep 9, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on How to Choose a Live Answering Service

Live answering services offer virtual receptionists that are capable of taking your business calls and providing information to customers. Most of these services are run from call centres that work 24 hours per day, every day. The virtual receptionist that you choose will be able to greet callers with your business name whenever you can’t answer the phone and then send you an SMS or email to inform you of the missed call. In some cases, the operator can even transfer the calls directly to you. Here are some questions designed to help you choose the right service. Where is the call centre located? This is important, as the location of the call centre will have a great impact on your possible customers. You should always select a call centre that’s based in the country where you operate your business. By doing so, you will ensure that the potential customers will be greeted by a receptionist who’s familiar with the local sensitivities and customs. What are the operation hours of the call centre? In order to get the best results, you should seek a call centre that can help you catch the out of hour callers. By hiring a live answering service that only operates during office hours, you won’t be able to do that. This is why it’s essential that you get a service that operates 24 hours per day, every day. What plans are available? This is another question that should determine whether a call centre is good for you. You need to know if the call centre can take messages or calls for more than a team member, as well as whether or not they can forward the messages to other phone numbers as well. It’s also possible for call centres to connect the calls directly to your phone number, if you’re available, but this service is generally considered a premium feature and may cost more. What is included in the monthly subscription? Most call centres will take a fixed amount of calls for your business as a result of the monthly subscription. Anything above that may subject you to extra charges, which you have to agree upon beforehand. You should negotiate how many calls the centre will take for you per month and find a good balance between the price paid and amount of calls. It’s also a good idea to ask if excess calls will be charged on a per call basis, or per minute, as this can quickly add up and cause you to go over budget. Finally, you should also ask if you will need to pay additional fees for the required virtual phone number that the centre will assign to you. Keep these questions and considerations in mind when contacting companies, like The Message Centre, that specialize in live answering...

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Why Use a Public Relations Agency in Addition to a Marketing Firm?

Posted by on Aug 10, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Why Use a Public Relations Agency in Addition to a Marketing Firm?

Many business owners fail to understand the difference between a public relations or PR firm versus a marketing firm and what each one actually does for a company. A marketing firm specializes in paid advertisements for a business, whereas a PR firm specialises in editorial copy or news regarding a company; this may work by way of advertisement, but it may also be used for making announcements, handling negative stories in the press and the like. If you own a business of any sort, you may want to consider using a public relations agency in addition to a marketing firm. Note the advantages and benefits PR agencies offer. 1. A PR firm analyses public opinion A marketing company may come up with ads and create commercials by the dozens, but if public opinion of your product or industry is very negative, those ads and commercials will typically have little impact. A PR firm will analyse public opinion versus the buying habits of the public and will work to create a strategy that improves the public’s opinion of your company or brand. The marketing company can then adjust their strategies as well. As an example, a fast food company may be told by their PR firm that public opinion is typically very negative toward fast food; the public sees it as cheap and unhealthy and the restaurants loud and rushed. With that information, the marketing firm may create ads and commercials that portray wholesome items on the menu and the restaurant as being a good place for families on a budget. They might create commercials that show families with young children relaxing at the restaurant. Rather than just trying to sell products, they are now addressing public opinion, as analysed by the PR firm. This in turn may increase business. 2. Editorial articles may be seen as more reliable A PR firm may work with newspaper and website writers to create stories about a business, and this may be seen as more reliable than simple marketing. Most people know you pay to have ads created and that they are meant to sell a product; they may then view these with a bit of scepticism. However, a story in a newspaper or that’s reported on by a respected website may be seen as more credible and reliable. The general public may be more likely to accept and believe a news story about your product or your business than they would a simple commercial, which in turn can create business or generate...

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